Healing, empowerment and holistic approach for clients.


What would life be life if you overcame the obstacles?

  • Being pain free so you can enjoy playing with your children, take up a sport or get back to running your business full time.
  • Waking up energized so you wake up before the alarm with a smile on your face, eager to see what the day brings.
  • Getting clarity on your life’s purpose so you can invest your energy in causes and work that makes your heart sing AND brings in an income that allows you to easily and effortlessly.

I’ve devoted many years assisting others clearing Trapped Emotions, Blockages and Limiting Beliefs.  Once we learn some tools that we can use for ourselves on a daily basis, we then are more pro-active as to our health and emotional well being.

It’s not your fault!

Have you ever set goals for your relationship? or practiced “positive thinking” and tried to shift to an abundance mindset? Or seen medical doctors, surgeons and been subjected to endless tests, yet you still suffer from chronic pain?

We can be programmed with limiting beliefs, trapped emotions and blocks from achieving our goals.  These blocks can sabotage us even though we might have the best mindset and intentions.  I use techniques to work on these sub-conscious limiting beliefs, trapped emotions and blockages to allow you to be your best self.

My work MATTERS because we all need tools to self-heal and to be self-empowered.

I have experienced Brenda’s work with the Emotion Code / Body code work many times. Each time it comes with great emotional release, helping me to make that next step. Recently Brenda has worked with me on weight loss and WOW it has been powerful, with the work on my heart wall and other emotional blocks I have finally been able to not only start losing the weight but find myself making better food choices not because I have to but because I want to! As well I have always wanted to start running but never had the motivation only a pile of excuses, but now I have started training for a 10K run. It has been an amazing gift to release these emotional blocks! Thanks Brenda.

Clara P, Canada

Distance healing for 1-on-1 sessions

During personalized 1-on-1 sessions I work with you, as your guide, and help you to work through emotional blocks that can be holding you back in your life or business. Overcoming blocks can also free you from chronic or acute pain and clear trauma.

Distance healing is any form of healing energy that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient, and this can take place via phone or Skype. The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner.

When you work with me via Skype or in person, I will assist you by way of self-empowerment. Once you learn some tools to use on a daily basis, then you are more PRO-ACTIVE as to your health and well being.  I provide tools to ASSIST you, such as learning how to muscle test correctly in various ways.

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Group Programs (online)

By popular request, I am now offering group coaching and clearing programs. These small group sessions take place online, and make an affordable alternative to 1 on 1 sessions.

These small group coaching and clearing packages are for both biz and personal, with a maximum of 4 participants.

The 3-month program is $300 and includes: biweekly group calls (via Zoom) including recordings in case you can’t make the call live; weekly Facebook office hours with dedicated support from me as well as your fellow participants; a library of high-vibration audio recordings on wealth, abundance, healing, and; and more.

These online group programs are offered several times per year. Contact me to enroll, or be put on a waitlist for the next session.


Holistic + Healing Workshops

I facilitate workshops or breakout sessions at conferences and at private events. I have spoken at conferences such as the Spring Festival of Awareness, Social Work Conference, and various chamber of commerce and women in business networking groups.

My workshops are interactive and hands-on. I provide muscle-testing demonstrations, guided meditations and teach various tools to tap into and harness your intuition for business relationships and personal relationships.

To learn more about my holistic workshops, breakout sessions and presentations, visit my Motivational Speaking page and look for video and audio examples at the bottom of the web page or contact me to book me to facilitate a workshop.

Holistic approach to healing and pain management.


I have worked with hundreds of individuals over the last 10 years. I use various modalities such as Emotion Code, Body Code, Yuen Method, Emotional Freedom Technique  and my intuition as a medical intuitive to help individuals in various aspects of their life.

I have been trained by Dr, Bradley Nelson as an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner in addition to and I continually investing in my own professional development.

Bill Henderson, author of Cancer Free, regularly refers his clients to me for the work I do with cancer clients.

I can help:

  • alleviate acute or chronic pain, injuries, fibromialgia.. to name just a few examples.
  • move on from addictions, personal trauma and relationships
  • deal with stress and anxiety, both personally and in the workplace
  • overcome limiting beliefs and create an abundance mindset
  • feel more energized, gain clarity, and feel less tired, exhausted and overwhelmed

If you are open to trying alternative approaches to medicine that are based on proven research and case studies, or if you feel you’ve tried everything but it’s just not getting to the root of your problem, contact me to see how I can help you.


A one-hour private session is a $97 investment.

Sessions are conducted via Skype or telephone. A written report is provided at the end of the session.

Special offer:

Prepay for a 4 session bundle of one hour sessions for only $320 – that’s a savings of $68! 

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If you are serious about getting rid of your blockages as well as dealing with other imbalances you may have, this is for you. The body is truly like an onion and sometimes it takes time to get to those inner layers!

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Are you curious to know what to expect during a session?

Watch the video to see how muscle testing works. The session begins with questions to determine your desire or injury. Then I’ll work on clearing blocked emotions, in this case using a magnet and a pendant to assist in clearing emotions, blocks and limiting beliefs. This can be performed in person or via distance healing during a Skype call. I love to teach how you can also learn to muscle test yourself!

Brenda’s work continues to help improve my quality of life. I have suffered from excruciating and scary hand pain—you know, the kind where you anticipate how to adjust your every action to mitigate the expected pain before you do something. Sound familiar? I work as an artist and use my hands all day, using paint brushes, carving tools, and power tools. I hurt enough that I would try to invent new ways to hold things and was trying to learn to use my left hand more (note the word ‘trying’!!). All of a sudden, I realized in the past week that I am just doing things naturally…the pain has abated? disappeared? I don’t know! All I know is that this body/emotion work does just that – it works! The joy of living in fear of your pain and then suddenly realizing you are no longer carrying it is exhilarating. If you are living in pain…you might not need to! I highly recommend Brenda’s work. She is insightful, kind, talented, and creative in approaching your problem with different approaches.   Adrianna, United States

Frequently Asked Questions

What are trapped emotions and how do they occur?
As everything is of energy, everything holds a certain vibration. Sometimes, when feeling a powerful emotion, the whole body can take on a new vibration and during those moments, the whole being vibrates. That is when energy can get stuck in the body. When there is a trapped emotion, the tissues within the ball of energy are resonating and ringing with same energy as the trapped emotion itself. Often physical changes take place and releasing distorting influences on bodies. When releasing the energy from the physical body, some times, old reoccurring emotions are not felt any more, allowing you to move forward with ease.
What kinds of success have been seen in different complaints and diseases?
Emotion code does not cure but removes impediments in the way. Trapped emotions can be underlying cause of all kinds of diseases and can be a huge contributor to being sick.   What is the heart wall? The heart is said to be the “seat of the soul” and when feeling an intense emotion, the body can put up a wall around the heart, for example, anger towards family. Walls can be developed to protect the heart. Dr. Brad Nelson, believes that at least 93% of people have walls around their heart. The heart is like the second brain and may be more powerful than the brain.
Can a person be un-testable?
Yes, if the person is dehydrated, the neck is out of balance or there may be an emotion that might need to be released.
Does this work on animals?
Works the same way as people. Animals do not judge and are a true delight to work with
How is the trapped emotion released?
Trapped emotions are released through  muscle testing. It can be released with a magnet or with using the fingers, as fingers also have a magnetic charge.
Would the trapped emotion go away forever?
Yes, once that trapped emotion is released, it is gone. Often trapped emotions can be inherited and can go back several generations. Or it can be within the womb of the mother.
How long does it take for results?
It can be immediate, or take a few days to process and released and healed.
Does this remove blockages for abundance and joy in life?
Almost without question, a heart-wall is in the way. If the heart is surrounded with negative emotions, than you can be handicapped to give and also able to receive love; unable to really manifest that “song” that is held within the heart. By identifying and releasing the emotions, true abundance and joy manifest. How does one know if they have trapped emotions? All of us have them; the best way is to learn to communicate with subconscious mind. One of the simplest tests to determine what the trapped emotion is to do the “sway test”. In the sway test, stand upright, hands by your side, close your eyes and relax. The body has the ability to respond to both positive and negative influences. Standing relaxed; hold a thought in mind and body will sway forward for positive and back for a negative thought. Example: think of the word, war, what does it mean? Think of all the broken families, all tears shed over war – now, think of positive, of being bathed in pure unconditional love, love that radiates from your heart. The moment that you resonate, the body will go forward like ta ree towards lights and sway forward. Prayers make this work a lot better and recommend this for people. This is about empowering individual to help themselves.

Ready to break through those limiting beliefs and change your life?