Workshops, keynotes, and 1-on-1 sessions that help entrepreneurs, companies and corporations be more productive and stress-free.



What would life be life if you overcame the obstacles?

  • Overcoming your fears about success and removing old ways of thinking that are no longer serve you.
  • Getting clarity on your life’s purpose so you can invest your energy in causes and work that makes your heart sing.
  • Waking up energized, eager to see what the day brings..

I’ve devoted many years assisting others clearing Trapped Emotions, Blockages and Limiting Beliefs.  Once we learn some tools that we can use for ourselves on a daily basis, we then are more pro-active as to our health and emotional well being.

My work MATTERS because we all need tools to self-heal and to be self-empowered.


It’s not your fault

Have you ever set goals for your business or relationship? or practiced “positive thinking” and tried to shift to an abundance mindset? or tried diligently to manifest a better financial situation? We are pre-programmed with beliefs systems, can harbor trapped emotions that block us from achieving our goals and sabotage us even though we might have the best mindset and intentions. I use techniques to SHARE and TEACH how to work on those blocks and allow you to be come your best self.


I had the pleasure of having Brenda Lainof as a presenter during my live day trading workshop. This class focuses on discipline and the psychological aspects of trading so Brenda’s expertise in this area was an excellent supplement. My students were very receptive to her easy going style, and she opened up our minds to alternative healing methods. I highly recommend Brenda’s work to all business owners out there. She will change your thought processes and direct you in a more positive approach to life’s challenges.

Thank you Brenda!    


Stefanie Kammerman

Stock Trader, Stock Whisperer

I work with Businesses and Entrepreneurs in 3 Ways

1-on-1 Calls

Personalized sessions via Skype or in-person.

I will identify your own Limiting Beliefs and Emotions that may be blocking you to be your BEST at work and in your personal life, and I will empower you with tools and techniques to overcome them. Clients have felt a renewed clarity and purpose, accomplished ambitious goals, and generally feel more aligned with  core values, attracting more abundance and feeling more productive with ease. Click here to schedule your session.

I also offer small group coaching and healing programs, run several times per year. Contact me for more info.


1hr Lunch+Learn or 3hr Workshops.

My “New Work Game” Workshop is expertly crafted to inspire business leaders and entrepreneurs to move from fear to confidence and from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset.  It is about human spirit, respect, dignity, unity and integrity in the workplace. I will share tools allowing employees to be more productive and stress-free so they give their best at work. Contact me to book an interactive workshop or lunch+learn session.


Presentation at your next conference.

In my powerful interactive presentations and keynotes, I illustrate how by crushing those outdated beliefs you are able to attract abundance in your business and in your life. Customized with examples and tools specifically for your company’s conference or event, attendees will walk away with a renewed sense of commitment and purpose, plus access to tools, videos, worksheets and other resources to continue their journey to feel more fulfilled in your workplace… meaning a more productive staff with less sick days. Click here to view a highlight video or contact me to book me to speak at your organization.

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