What would life and work be like if you overcame the obstacles?

  • Being pain free so you can enjoy playing with your children, take up a sport, or get back to running your business full time.
  • Waking up energized so you wake up before the alarm with a smile on your face, eager to see what the day brings.
  • Getting clarity on your life’s purpose so you can invest your energy in causes and work that makes your heart sing AND brings in an income that allows you to easily and effortlessly support your family.
  • Being more productive, less stressed-out, and more effective in your work and life.

Once we learn tools and techniques that we can use for ourselves on a daily basis, we then are more proactive as to our health, emotional well being, productivity… and this affects us in our personal lives as well as our work-life balance.

My work matters because we all need tools to self-heal and to be self-empowered. And I am here to remind you that you are the captain of your own ship, you are in control of your health and it is all possible!

Healing + Holistic Work

Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Distance healing for 1-on-1 sessions

During personalized 1-on-1 sessions I work with you, as your guide, and help you to work through emotional blocks that can be holding you back in your life or business. Overcoming blocks can also free you from chronic or acute pain and clear trauma.


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Holistic + Healing Workshops

I facilitate workshops or breakout sessions at conferences and at private events. I have spoken at conferences such as the Spring Festival of Awareness, Social Work Conference, and various chamber of commerce and women in business networking groups.

To learn more about my holistic workshops, breakout sessions and presentations, visit my Motivational Speaking page and look for video and audio examples at the bottom of the web page or contact me to book me to facilitate a workshop.

Business + Entrepreneurial 1-on-1 Sessions

We will connect via Skype or in person where I will identify your own Limiting Beliefs and Emotions that may be blocking you to be your BEST at work and in your personal life, and I will empower you with tools and techniques to overcome them. Clients have felt a renewed clarity and purpose, accomplished ambitious goals, and generally feel more aligned with  core values, attracting more abundance and feeling more productive with ease. Click here to schedule your session.

Speaking + Workshops for Business

In my  interactive presentations and keynotes, I illustrate how by crushing those outdated beliefs you are able to attract abundance in your business and in your life. Click here to view a highlight video or contact me to book me to speak at your organization. I also run 1hr Lunch+Learn or 3hr Workshops. Learn more about business and corporate services here.


Ready to break through those limiting beliefs and change your life?