Well, to my  deep gratitude and big relief,  yesterday Moncef picked me (the disgust one)  from the webcast page during the call with you. Woohoo!!! When I read Moncef`s  announcement for the call, my eyes kept staying on the 3rd question. I took it as a sign, stopped reading, decided to raise my hand (in fact it was both of them) and started to type in immediately, long before the call started as it takes pretty much time for me to formulate, express and type in English. Was very relaxed having it done just in time and got very nervous when it came up that you ask for the description of the heart wall. Bam - next pattern started... I overcame it and at first I didn`t trust my ears having heard my name.

I was soooo surprised and amazed that the disgust stuff came up, how quickly and even the intensity, So true. As I mentioned in the feedback I have been aware feeling it very, very strong from time to time and about 2 years ago so often that it was irritating me, so that I started putting out despaired questions, as I noticed strong anger but also powerlessness, despair and frustration up  to a point it was hard to move at all was combined.

After the call I send him another note as my feedback fell out rather short because of above mentioned and on top totally stirred up, touched, moved. I asked Moncef to please pass my gratitude to you as I wasn`r capable of any more, but it was clear I MUST do it from me to you directy.

There is much, much more  what is bubbling up. When today I was watching your videos, listening to the calls, my "ears were ringing" again and again and again. So many puzzle pieces.... I need to let it be it for the moment to get more clarity and get a picture out of all this pieces.
Karin Kloop   Germany