So blessed to have been on the call and to have connected with you Brenda.  The picture that came forward for me was quite amazing. My heart wall reminded me of a crystal bowl...the ones played, all milky like snowy quartz..but a bit icy.  Starting off at a 9 with some intensity, I dropped to a 2 by the end of this meditation...My wall now a clear blue sky with clouds and even a butterfly. I could come out from it but could get back behind it back into it as necessary...Brenda...the release work you did re: vulnerability was huge and I had greater understanding when you said it wasn't mine but my mother's. You were yawning with release like cwazy while I cried like a baby...well there were a lot of tears anyway;0)  I have had a calm at my centre since then.  Wonderful and thank you. This type of clearing would travel up the bloodline even to my mother, yes? Linda Shields Vancouver, British Columbia