Had a pretty incredible Energy Scan with Brenda today. I chose financial blocks. She asked my body a question and it was really interesting what popped up.She discovered a block (in my creative expression, thru the help of a Doreen Virtue card) and I was shocked at a memory that leaped into my mind, from almost 30 years ago. It was about a pillow, I got in trouble when I moved it, in my mother-in-law's home. (She has personally grown so much further than who she was back then.) Brenda checked in and yes that was it. Brenda said I felt like I had needed to shut down, to be submissive, to relent. Brenda then aided me in clearing these thoughts and now, habits. The clearing took place on so many levels. She said am incredible mantra, which helped in a big way. After that the pillow changed into a beautifully embroidered pillow. Brenda then scanned me again to confirm I was strong in my creative expression. A huge difference. Thank you so much, Brenda for being the healer who helped me heal today. Sandra Pelley, Alberta Canada