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Congratulations on investing in yourself and claiming the telesummit special offer.


You package includes:

Guide to Muscle Testing ebook (click here to download) 

Ways to self test for what is in your best interest, from identifying certain foods you should or should NOT eat, to vitamins that mayor may NOT be beneficial, to many times assisting on a crucial life decision.  

1-on-1 private 60-minute Medical Intuitive session via Zoom, Skype or phone  (click here to book your timeslot)

During the 60 minute session Brenda will be providing invaluable information and healing work as to issues of the physical body.  Brenda checks for mental and emotional factors that act as direct contributors to health issues such as inflammation and pain.  And many times identifying imbalances in the body before it manifests as disease.

1-on-1 private 20-minute Chakra Energy Scan session via Zoom, Skype or phone  (click here to book your timeslot)

Brenda uses her own unique form in her Chakra Energy Scans where she intuits information that allows communication with the soul.  An energy scan, is a downloaded snapshot in time, a method of connecting with the energy field and spirit.  This information reveals energetic patterns that cause blockages or imbalances, not only in the energetic body but in the physical body as well.  Leave the Past Behind and Live in the Now!

Special Telesummit Offer: $149   (Total Value = $333)


Ebook: Brenda’s Guide to Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing (or applied kinesiology) uses the body’s energy to determine what events or emotions weaken or strengthen your body, ranging from testing food allergies, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, trauma and blockages locked in they body to cause pain, or even deciding on a course of action or decision.

Click the image to view the ebook, or right-click this link and choose “save as” to download it to your own computer.

You can click here to watch a video of a muscle testing demonstration.


Brenda Lainof Guide to Muscle Testing Ebook
Muscle testing demo - basic arm test

Your package includes a 60-minute 1:1 session via Skype or phone.

To schedule your session, simply click the blue circle button or click here and choose an available time in the booking calendar. You will receive an email reminder with your chosen appointment time.

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Brenda leading sessions via computer

Your package also includes 4 group Abundance sessions via Skype

The sessions will help you to clear blocks, improve your mindset, and help your business or personal beliefs move from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.

Brenda will contact you via email to coordinate the 4x 1-hour weekly Skype sessions.