I am hosting and also participating in “The Hormone Reset Diet” by Sara Gottfried, M.D.    So I have gathered a group of ladies where we meet every 3 days and accountability is the key to keep one another on track! And I am taking this journey to help myself feel better, create a space where everyone can discuss any fears, doubts, concerns, without judgement.

The first 3 days is the Reset #1 Meatless (estrogen).  We had to be off of red meat, eat lots of vegetables, intake of fiber as well as additional requirements as set out in the program. We gathered on my group evening Skye call to chat and check in as to how the deletion of red meat in the diet went for everyone. No problem for all of us to get off the red meat.   Easy (so far).

However, discussion as to getting off sugar in the next segment of the program was creating discomfort in a few of us.  Off of sugar, are you kidding? Yikes!!   So as an Energy Practitioner, with lots of tools in my “tool bag”, this is what I discovered for one of the ladies in the call and her further email to me:

I am working on curing my sugar addiction, and doing a sugar fast, as part of The Hormone Reset diet. I worked with Brenda on clearing my resistance to this, and some very interesting things came up. First, we cleared the resistance in my stomach – I felt very anxious in my gut about letting go of sugar. Sugar is how I calm myself down; feel more stable, it’s a source of comfort for me. After Brenda did some dowsing around this, turns out we needed to clear out being abandoned by my father when I was 2 years of age! I can see how being abandoned by my father would make me want to reach out for sugar to self-soothe the trauma associated with that. When we cleared this, it felt like someone had plugged me into the wall – in a good way. I’ve never had such a palpable, undeniable spiritual experience in a healing. It was a real surprise.

I noticed that I then had some fear of releasing sugar that I felt around my collarbone, below my throat. We traced this back to 2 generations ago, I had inherited a belief from my paternal grandfather that nothing works anyways, and there is no use trying to change. When we cleared this, I literally felt lighter inside, like I had been vacuumed in a spiritual sense. Brenda then asked for guidance on finding a new, more empowering belief and we came to, “the world is my oyster. There are no limits.” Installing this new belief, it was amazing because I could feel myself “flushing” remnants of the old belief, and a light buzzing feeling, installing the new one. 

Here’s the really amazing part: six years ago, I went to a well-known naturopath who happens to practice in the Sacramento area. When dowsing to find a remedy to my health obstacles, she said, “I don’t really understand this, but, what I’m getting is for you to work with your paternal grandfather on removing toxic programming that you inherited.” She had dowsed to locate a passage in a book about spleen problems, that says, “They are abandonment-anxious and alienation-avoidant and they are highly insecure, feel universally rejected, and they are very agitated and depressed. They have ended up feeling that this is their lot in life, and that they somehow had to handle it, which has resulted in a pattern of constant predictions of and preparation for disaster, which the consequent anger, fear and despair. The whole pattern started in an unpredictable and unstable dysfunctional family in which there were constant difficulties.” AMAZING!!

F.H. of Sacramento

In addition to clearing the above for one of the ladies and by doing so, the energy also cleared for all of us in the group.  We all felt quite calm and really, not stressed at all.

Will be checking in the group Sunday evening and see how the last 3 days went being off of sugar and posting the results.  Stay tuned!