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Email Brenda to provide a Live Demonstration and Presentation to motivate your association, organization, conference, home party or office.  A minimum of 10 people required for the event.




Brenda’s work as an Health and Wellness Intuitive is shaped by her diverse corporate background work in the Oil and Gas Industry for over 30 years.  Her  speaking engagements and workshops continue to inspire others to harness their inner wisdom to build success in their business, personal health and well being.

Keynotes, Breakout Sessions and Workshops are designed for your audience.

What others are saying…

“I had the pleasure of having Brenda Lainof as a presenter during my live day trading workshop “Boot Camp”. This class focuses on discipline and the psychological aspects of trading so Brenda’s expertise in this area was an excellent supplement. My students were very receptive to her easy going style, and she opened up our minds to alternative healing methods. I highly recommend Brenda’s work to all business owners out there. She will change your thought processes and direct you in a more positive approach to life’s challenges.
Thank you Brenda!”

Stefanie Kammerman

“I have had the pleasure of participating to Brenda’s workshop at the Bo.ttega facility May 19th 2014. As a composer of healing music, I am very much aware of the subtle healing energies available to us by Nature. I am a firm believer in the Human Energy Field and it was exciting for me to witness with my own eyes how a high caliber medical intuitive such a Brenda can indeed generate substantial relief in people’s pain, by the simple yet very powerful use of subtle energy. Brenda combined holistically her talents as a life coach and a healer and achieved astounding results right under my eyes.

It is my firm belief that energy based healing techniques in general are the way of the future and will significantly contribute to harmonize not only the bodies and minds of individuals but also society as a whole”.

Serge Mazerand
Pianist-Composer-Inspirational speaker

Serge Mazerand

Contact Brenda on this website  or  email at:  Brenda will provide a Presentation via Webcast, Skype or in person, to motivate your association, organization, conference or office.