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Motivational Speaking

Brenda’s “Lunch & Learns” and Workshops will motivate your association, organization, conference or office.  Learn to know yourself in a deeper more meaningful way and begin to create your own reality in your life!

New Work Game is a Workshop about human spirit, respect, dignity, unity,  integrity in the new Paradigm Shift

there is a spiritual vacuum at the heart of our society these days and a moral erosion that is distressing everyone; the New Work Game is a game that we have at some level longed to play all  our lives, that of being able to set aside fear and live a life of more integrity”

Brenda’s work as a Health and Wellness Intuitive and Speaker is shaped by her diverse corporate background work in the Corporate Industry for over 30 years.  Her  speaking engagements and workshops continue to inspire others to harness their inner wisdom to build success in their business, personal health and well being.

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Brenda's presentations for businesses + entrepreneurs

Crush those limiting beliefs, gain confidence, and get what you deserve in life and business!

“Brenda brought so much emotion and passion to her speech and I now understand what true abundance is, it isn’t just about success financially but in all areas of my life. I see how having an abundant mindset can help me be more successful in my work and able to reach my financial goals while improving all areas of my life as well.

Thank you for showing me the way to add more abundance to my life and business”.


Chantelle Adams

Speaker, Author, Courage Igniter

Brenda’s workshops are expertly crafted to inspire business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Move from fear to confidence and from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset, in all aspects of their business and personal life.


• break through old emotional blocks and outdated belief systems

• learn specific strategies and techniques to directly impact the success of your business

• learn to be abundant in personal life and as to your business


Previous and upcoming presentations and workshops at these conferences and events:

Metaphysical Centre, Kelowna, British Columbia

Social Work Conference, Calgary, Alberta

Penticton Women in Business, Penticton, British Columbia

Spring Festival of Awareness Conference  Penticton, British Columbia

Bottega Conference Centre  Kelowna, British Columbia

Centre Stage Live, Kelowna, British Columbia

Choices Market, Kelowna, British Columbia

Celebration Centre, Penticton, British Columbia




“I had the pleasure of having Brenda Lainof as a presenter during my live day trading workshop “Boot Camp”. This class focuses on discipline and the psychological aspects of trading so Brenda’s expertise in this area was an excellent supplement. My students were very receptive to her easy going style, and she opened up our minds to alternative healing methods.

I highly recommend Brenda’s work to all business owners out there. She will change your thought processes and direct you in a more positive approach to life’s challenges.
Thank you Brenda!”

Stefanie Kammerman

The Stock Whisperer

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