For many years I ignored the calling of my soul to step into work that fulfills me…now, I help people just like you.

I worked in the Corporate world for over three decades. In that time frame, I struggled with many health issues. My personal journey consisted of endometriosis, hysterectomy, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

It was the near death experience with a cardiac arrest when I knew, without a doubt, I had to make some drastic, immediate changes in my life.  Sometimes it takes a huge hit by the Universe to make you listen!

I believe that when you have lived such experiences, it transforms your heart forever!

After my cardiac arrest, I truly felt fearless. I was living on an acreage at the time in the foothills of the mountains. We have many animals that would visit and pass through our property. One such animal was a moose who I personally challenged and chased away. If you know anything about moose, you stay clear as they are very powerful animals. However, I felt such a sense of inner power, that I totally disregarded the moose that and determined to chase it off my property.   Big mistake, as my neighbours politely pointed out!!

I’m Brenda, an abundance strategist, speaker, and energy practitioner

I am your intuitive guide to help you clear negative emotions and blocks to achieve health and abundance. I’m a Certified Emotion Code, Body Code and Medical Intuitive as well as many other modalities.

I have devoted many years assisting others clearing Trapped Emotions, Blockages and Limiting Beliefs.  Once we learn some tools that we can use for ourselves on a daily basis, we then are more pro-active as to our health and emotional well being.

Working with clients locally and worldwide via Skype video calls or phone, I am here to help you break through issues and achieve the joy and abundance in your life that you deserve! As the blocks are released, you become strong to attracting and living your authentic self so you can experience more success and fulfillment in life and business.

I am available to speak at your organization to help your team be more productive, be more effective leaders, and grow to their potential. With over 30 years experience in the corporate world, I can use my skills and intuitive observations to make a difference in your workplace. You can view my speaking topics and demo video here.

Healing, empowerment and a holistic approach for clients.


What would life be like if you overcame your challenges? What amazing things could you accomplish if you…

  • were pain free so you can enjoy playing with your children, take up a sport or get back to running your business full time.
  • woke up energized so you wake up before the alarm with a smile on your face, eager to see what the day brings.
  • had clarity on your life’s purpose so you can invest your energy in causes and work that makes your heart sing AND brings in an income that allows you to easily and effortlessly.
  • had less sick days, or better productivity and focus – in your own business or in a corporate workplace

Credentials and  Professional Training:

  • Certified Body and Emotion Code Practitioner by Dr. Bradley Nelson
  • EFT Practitioner taught by Jeanine Crombe
  • Certified Sentelligent Medical Intuitive Practitioner by Stacey Mayo
  • Certified Purpose Intuitive Consultant by Stacey Mayo
  • Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoto Practitioner by Ariel Learoyd
  • Yuen Practitioner by Dr. Kam Yuen
  • Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue

Ready to break through those limiting beliefs and change your life?

It is said that at first the Universe whispers and then it shouts, until eventually it stops you in your tracks and you surrender to your new path.

Are you ready to follow your new path? Let me guide you on that journey!