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Break through internalized beliefs, so you can live a life of joy and abundance.

In the first session, Brenda accessed my immune system strength, identified and freed some emotional blockage and shared other valuable resources to heal from my prostate cancer. I was impressed by her knowledge and training, honesty and passion for helping others. I am going to continue working with the Emotion Code myself as Brenda taught me and look forward to another session with Brenda to continue this work. I would recommend Brenda Lainof to others who are looking to become more aware and understanding of their present health issue and how to release hidden emotion that is trapped within the body. Just the initial session may be of immense help. Wade W, United Kingdom

Brenda Lainof | Whispering Energetic Healing

Brenda Lainof | Whispering Energetic Healing

I’m Brenda, your intuitive guide to help you clear negative emotions and blocks to achieve health and abundance. I’m a Certified Emotion Code, Body Code and Medical Intuitive as well as many other modalities.

I work with clients locally and worldwide via Skype or phone. I am here to help you break through issues and achieve the joy and abundance in your life that you deserve! As the blocks are released, you become strong to attracting and living your authentic self so you can experience more success and fulfillment in life and business.

I am available to speak at your organization to help your team be more productive, be more effective leaders, and grow to their potential. With over 30 years experience in the corporate world, I can use my skills and intuitive observations to make a difference in your workplace. You can view my speaking topics and demo video here.


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I host a popular radio show  called “Brenda’s Mindful Healing” on Talkshoe. In the show, I interview prominent authors, healers, coaches and individuals with inspiring, motivational stories.

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